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1. Enterprise vision
Strategy on the road, a strategically advantageous position, winning by quality, attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development, the bright to the world, to create international and domestic first-class fashion brand glasses.

2. Product positioning
Haihui glasses to customer demand-oriented, people-oriented, concerned about the value of experience, positioned in the high-end glasses brand. Now has been a "Ganpin will win" era, the market is highly saturated, homogeneous competition. Only do not pursue profits, not to fight Boli, boutique marketing, differentiated marketing, in order to establish their own style, to obtain a reasonable profit.

3. Industry collaboration
Haihui glasses based on the world's largest optical production base - Shenzhen Henggang, learn from industry benchmarking, and industry collaboration, follow the imitation - improvement - innovative product development ideas, to create their own brand advantage.
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