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Frame culture to explain

Frame culture is reflected in the quality of the material level, frame shape, color, decorative exquisite, and graphic meaning and so on. Ancient frames are often engraved with blessing, Paul, life, money and other patterns, embodies the "blessing in front", "longevity", "Guan Yun Hengtong", "Four Seasons" and other value connotation. At the same time, beams are often carved with the name of the shop, name, name, gold and so on.


Silver, tortoiseshell, ivory and other precious materials, and ordinary people use glasses with copper, iron, steel, wood and other materials. The use of glasses, and so on. The beam frame pattern of the glasses, from the initial arch bridge shape, door shape, gate shape, arc, and gradually transition to a shape, bamboo-shaped, upside down beam shape; beam card, side card, Head-shaped, tiger-shaped transition to the eagle-headed, two-point shape, plum-shaped point shape.


Modern frames in the ancient culture of frames on the basis of further development, in terms of form, or from design to decoration, patterns and colors, have become more colorful, reflecting the new values and aesthetics.

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