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To the children with glasses need to pay attention to what

First of all, do not ignore the important part of optometry.
Some people in order to save trouble, buy a pair of ready-made glasses, that see clearly on the line; some students even by students with glasses. This is unscientific. Experts say, whether or not the first glasses, optometry should be carried out, so you can effectively distinguish true myopia and pseudomyopia, especially primary school students, pseudo-myopia can take timely protective measures to restore vision. Myopic refractive errors, myopia and astigmatism of the points, each type is divided into different types, there are different severity of the situation. Therefore, inappropriate glasses, the eyes are harmful. Do not listen to optometry "Lidengkequ" argument, in accordance with normal procedures, only 30-60 minutes to optometry, including the necessary eye optical inspection, such as the glasses to be again, the lens system, the last school Inspection, etc., usually takes 3-7 days. A quality qualified, wearing comfortable glasses, experts believe that depends on two factors: First, the accuracy of optometry, and second, whether the qualified glasses.


Second, we must pay attention to the technical level of glasses.
Qualified optical shop in addition to qualified optometry instrument, lens box, retinoscopy mirror and other hardware, the most critical is the glasses of the technical level and quality of personnel. If your child with the wrong glasses, not only can not achieve the effect of corrective vision, and even increase the vision loss, and see things very easy to fatigue, serious can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and other adverse reactions. Experts advise that students must first understand the reasons for presbyopia vision loss is caused by disease vision or refractive errors caused by decreased vision. With glasses, we must find a qualified professional optometrist optometry. In addition, you give children glasses when the attention to select the material, frames and frames to science. General glasses are divided into resin, glass and crystal. Children active, the proposed use of resin lenses, light weight. Select the frame can be selected according to IPD, IPD small choice too large frame, giving the appearance of uncomfortable feeling. Select the frame should pay attention to the anteversion angle, the general anterior tilt angle should be 5 to 10 degrees, myopia of the anteversion of 10 degrees to 15 degrees, you can open the mirror to see whether the anteversion angle Within the range, otherwise it will produce aberration.In general, the height of the glasses in the face of the location from the eyebrow to the lower palatine distance of one third is appropriate, it is best not to pick out their own cheek frame, otherwise it will affect the normal visual objects. Try to take a long time point, he felt the most clear things to see, there is no feeling of discomfort when the degree can be fixed. Frame must be appropriate, material to be durable, not easy to deformation, left and right lenses to symmetrical balance, not a high and one low, the frame is not easy too heavy pressure nose. Wash lenses try not to rough mirror cloth or paper rub, wash with water for easy. First, because the refractive changes in children's eyes faster, often about a year to replace the new mirror, from the economic point of view more affordable. Second, most children naughty and active, the pick of glasses wear, placed do not care. The use of metal frame easily distorted deformation, broke, affecting the appearance and use of results. However, the plastic frame is not easy to damage. If you like metal frame, be sure to do according to use requirements. It is best not to use perforated frame and semi-frame, because these two frames easier to damage.

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