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Glasses and nasal shape to consider
The above is for the overall appearance of the face frame selection reference principle, but sometimes the aesthetic details of facial imperfections need special treatment. For example, the nose is too strong, if wearing a low bridge of the nose or double beam, you can cover up this shortcoming. Similarly, wearing a high bridge of the nose, can make small nose appears larger. Close distance from the eyes, you can light at the bridge of the nose, to the mirror foot color gradually deep frame. Eyes away from the width of the contrary. Usually, the top of the frame should be parallel to the eyebrow arch and a high degree of similarity, and the eyebrow is equal or slightly higher (such as frames fall, the top should be flush with the eyebrow). If the wearer's eyebrow is high, choose dark frames better than the light-colored, which will highlight the wearer's eyebrow height, people feel there is another sense of eyebrows.

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