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We have glasses when the comprehensive consideration
In our glasses when the frame of aesthetics, wearing glasses and frame features such as frame selection criteria between the theory, this time need to know which is more important, and sometimes even need to compare several frames. Of course, in addition to the above, but also the quality of the frame itself must have a certain understanding. When buying a pair of glasses, we should be from the following angles for an observation. 1 look at the surface: try to choose the surface clear, shiny, no flaws, scratches, bumps, corrosion, peeling and other issues of the mirror legs. 2 look at the shape: the mirror legs opened, flat, to see the mirror body and the mirror legs are tilted at a certain angle, the frame is the same size, frame parts are symmetrical, metal legs with legs elasticity is the same, a variety of Whether the parts work fine. 3 see "logo": regular manufacturers in addition to printing on the frame number, size, but also on the printing grade.

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