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Distant myopia and astigmatism corrected
Commonly used glasses, mainly the use of lenses, prisms, contact lenses and other lenses to correct vision in order to achieve the elimination of eye fatigue, eye protection or treatment purposes. Many different types of glasses, the main correction of refractive errors with optical glasses and contact lenses. Correction of myopia: should be fitted with a proper focus of the concave lens, the light by the appropriate divergence of the concave lens, and then after the refraction of the eye to form a clear image on the retina. Hyperopia correction: should be fitted with a proper focus of the convex lens, so that the distance of the parallel light by the convergence of the appropriate number of convex lens, and then by the eye refraction in the retina into a clear image. Astigmatism correction: due to different types of astigmatism vary. For simple hyperopic astigmatism, should wear appropriate degrees and a certain axial convex cylindrical lens; for simple myopic astigmatism, should wear appropriate degree and a certain axial cylindrical lens; for complex astigmatism, should wear degrees and axial Appropriate convex (or concave) composite cylindrical lens; for mixed astigmatism, should wear appropriate degrees and the appropriate combination of axial convex and concave cylindrical lens. However, no matter which type of astigmatic eyes, the glasses should be strictly measured cylindrical lens axis, so that astigmatism in the need to correct the meridian surface to be effective correction. For irregular astigmatism in the same meridian surface is not the same refractive power, can not be corrected with a cylindrical lens, try contact lens (contact lens) correction.

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